North Olympic Peninsula

Hurricane Ridge (Olympic National Park)

February 19th, 2015 by insideout

Hurricane Ridge, found a short drive from Port Angeles into the Olympic National Park, is almost 5,200 feet high. In the summer it is popular for hiking and sight-seeing. In the winter visitors can ski, snowboard, snowshoe, and sled.

10 thoughts on “Hurricane Ridge (Olympic National Park)

  1. Mindy

    Thanks so much for providing this webcam! I love to refresh my screen several times a day to watch how the weather changes up there. It’s just crazy gorgeous!!

  2. Jack

    Yes, per the above comment this camera is a joke.
    Costs money to enter the park but non of goes to where someone might enjoy a service.Awful difficult to maintain a camera.

  3. Wayne

    so sorry, Looks like you do not care, it used to look so cool and you could see two cameras that showed what the weather was doing, I am sure if you asked the community they would help pay for what it would take to fix the problem, it can not be that hard, and once fixed it is pretty much maintenance free if it is done right the first time

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