Neah Bay

A native american village on the tip of Washington

Home to the Makah Indian Tribe, the impressive and small community of Neah Bay boasts some of the most spectacular natural scenery in the Pacific Northwest. With a population of 865, Neah Bay offers access to recreational fishing, and in fact, is a popular spot known for superior halibut fishing. In fact, there are several varieties of fish to be found, including salmon, ling-cod, sea-bass, and several other types of ocean fish.

Hiking, as in many other regions of Olympic Peninsula, is quite popular, particularly the hike to Cape Flattery. It represents the furthest northwest tip of the continental United States. A half hour walk across a natural trail syncopated by split cedar boardwalks will bring you to an area with five observation platforms with benches and railing. Splendid views of the Straits and Pacific Ocean make the hike worth it. And this is but one of the natural forms of entertainment to enjoy while at Neah Bay. For more, visit the city’s site.

Neah Bay is but one community in the Olympic Peninsula, but is one that offers access to the many natural and scenic sights that draw individuals away from the cities. Rich with Native American heritage and large enough to offer a restful getaway with eateries, lodging, and more, it is more than just a place to stop. It is a place to enjoy and experience the wild and untamed beauty of the Olympic Peninsula.